a new play by

Dennis Bush

directed by

Lester Thomas Shane


Xavier Reminick


The most award-winning play in the 12-year history of the

Fresh Fruit Festival is presenting the first-ever Reprise Performance.

At the recent Fresh Fruit Festival Awards held in Manhattan, (Mary)Todd became 
the most award-winning show in the 12-year history of the Fresh Fruit Festival:

• Outstanding Play (Dennis Bush)
• Outstanding Director of a Play (Lester Thomas Shane)
• Outstanding Actor in a Play (Xavier Reminick)
After the murder of his boyfriend, former sex worker Todd Lincoln launches into a hilarious and heartbreaking first-person account of his life and love story. The self-proclaimed reincarnation of 
Mary Todd Lincoln, he's a truth talker with a mission to honor the memory of his relationship and find a way to move on with his life.

Advisory: (Mary)Todd contains adult content and full-frontal male nudity.

This reprise performance run of 
is produced by 
All Out Arts
in association with
Dean A. Carpenter 
Joseph G. Tillman

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